A Generic Method for Azimuthal Map Projection

  • Narayan Panigrahi Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Bangalore
  • Cyan Subhra Mishra National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
Keywords: Map projection, azimuthal projection, cartographic transformation, GIS


Map projections are mathematical methods for projecting spherical coordinates in the form of (φ, λ) to the map coordinates in the form of (X,Y) in Cartesian reference frame. Numerous methods for map projection have been derived and are being used for preparation of cartographic products. These map projections take into account specific position of the viewer on the datum surface for derivation of the map projections. A generic method for azimuthal map projection where the position of the viewer can be taken at an arbitrary point on the datum surface is derived. Using this generic method all the specific azimuthal map projections can be derived.
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Panigrahi, N., & Mishra, C. S. (2015). A Generic Method for Azimuthal Map Projection. Defence Science Journal, 65(5), 390-394. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.65.8598
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