2-D Imaging of Concealed Objects using Circular Co-Arrays at MM Wave Frequencies: Simulation and Experimental Results

  • Rajendra Prasad Dixit DEAL (DRDO), Dehradun
Keywords: Electromagnetic scattering, microwave millimeter wave imaging


Simulation and experimental results at 35 GHz, for a single target of unit reflectivity, a concrete pillar and a gun shaped object placed in the central region  of 2-D scene , have been presented using circularly co-located transmit and receive co-arrays. Simulation program has been written in MATLAB to reconstruct the raw image using an improvised algorithm. Simulation and experimental results confirm the method of reconstruction of image. Reconstruction of a Gun-shaped object has also been shown with help of simulation and experimental results. Reconstruction of image has been performed using post data acquisition processing on the received scattered data. Experimental results confirm that the method can be used to reconstruct quality image for detection of concealed metallic objects using MM wave frequencies.

Author Biography

Rajendra Prasad Dixit, DEAL (DRDO), Dehradun

R P Dixit

Scientist G

DEAL, Dehradun


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