Gas Turbine Engine Component Development : An Integrated Approach

  • Willem Jansen Northern Research and Engineering Corporation Woburn, Massachusetts
Keywords: Computer aided engineering, Centrifugal compressor, Gas turbine


Computer - aided engineering methods have made a significant impact in the design technologies of advanced machinery. These methods have been applied in several areas such as aerodynamics and fluid dynamic theory for high efficiency, stress and vibration theory for reliability, and manufacturing strategies to produce machined components at low cost and with short time schedules. The integration of these various design technologies offer the opportunity for even greater productivity in the engineering design and manufacturing process. This paper addresses the application of various engineering disciplines to the demand of producing a reliable, efficient design and the subsequent manufacture of components with short lead times through the interaction of these computer - aided engineering technologies. The concept is further illustrated by simple cases for a centrifugal compressor and a gas turbine.
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JansenW. (2014). Gas Turbine Engine Component Development : An Integrated Approach. Defence Science Journal, 38(4), 397-412.
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