Maximum permissible level of radio activity in drinking water

  • P. C. Gupta Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
Keywords: Radio activity in drinking water, Radioisotopes in water


The possible for contamination of water by radio activity due to radioisotopes which can be ingested by drinking contaminated water have been discussed. The factors on which hazards associated with radioactive contamination have been dealt with in detail. The maximum permissible level of radioisotopes in water as laid down by the I.R.P.C., U.K. and U.S.A. are compared. To meet emergencies certain emergency permissible levels of radioactivity have been suggested, giving the importance of these levels. Lastly, some precautionary measures for protection and methods for decontamination have been explained.

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GuptaP. (2014). Maximum permissible level of radio activity in drinking water. Defence Science Journal, 10(4), 337-343.
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