Studies on the quality of liver extract preparations

  • J. N. Tayal Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
  • R. K. Srivastava Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
  • D. N. Zutshi Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
  • M. C. Mathur Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
Keywords: Liver extract preparations, Histamine-like substances, Toxicity test, Pyrogen test


Result of analyses of different brands of Liver Extract have been presented. It has been recommended that in regard to the 'B12' content the higher limit should be fixed at 150 percent of claim. "Total solids' and 'Protein Nitrogen' have not been found to bear any relationship either between themselves or with the contents of 'B12' vitamin and 'histamine like substances' respectively. It has therefore been recommended that these standards should be further investigated. A content of 'histamine-like substances' higher than 50 mcg/ml has been shown to be related with toxicity of the preparation. It has been recommended that standards in relation to the 'toxicity test' and 'limit' of histamine like substances' should be finally arrived at after further collaborative work. A dose of 1.0 ml/Kg rabbit weight has been recommended for Pyrogen Test; a pH range of 5 to 7 has been confirmed.
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TayalJ., SrivastavaR., ZutshiD., & MathurM. (2014). Studies on the quality of liver extract preparations. Defence Science Journal, 10(4), 313-319.
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