Observations of clear air turbulence in the atmosphere

  • Anna Mani Meteorological Office, Poona
  • S. P. Venkiteshwaran Meteorological Office, Poona
Keywords: Air, Turbulence, Radio-meteorograph, Radiosound


The paper described the chief features of the fan used in the Indian F-type radio meterograph and how it enables one to know from the radiosound data whether the balloon is descending due to accumulation of snow or strong vertical currents. Instances when the balloon went up and down due to accumulation and melting of snow have been described. The decrease in the rate of ascent and even the descent of the balloon due to strong downward currents in a thunderstorm on the 26th April, 1950, have been estimated. The paper also shows how the F-type radiosound data can be used to identify regions of clear air turbulence. The paper describes some observations of variation of turbulence associated with Tropospheric inversions, in the upper troposphere and in the stratosphere.
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Mani, A., & Venkiteshwaran, S. (2014). Observations of clear air turbulence in the atmosphere. Defence Science Journal, 9(3), 233-242. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.9.7629
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