On heydenreich method of internal ballistics

  • J. P. Sirpal Institute of Armament Studies, Kirkee
Keywords: Heydenreich, Ballistics


The pressure space curve standardized by Heydenreich has been analysed. It has been found that the index of expansion of the gases after burnt is not a constant and the standardized curve is probably only a mean curve obtained from a number of experimental firing results. A curve of the form pV/Sup/n with a good fit to the Heydenreich values of pressure decay after all-burnt shows that the index of expansion is 1.116 and the chamber volume is 1.2 times the volume of the bore swept up to Pmax. No defined value of the shot-start pressure is revealed.
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SirpalJ. (2014). On heydenreich method of internal ballistics. Defence Science Journal, 8(4), 347-351. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.8.7609
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