Patterns of power communication: an experimental study

  • Kali Prasad Lucknow University, Lucknow
Keywords: Employer, Employment


"Communication in one form or others is the basis of all social interaction. This paper deals with a particular aspect of communication namely, the effect of power and authority on the communication patterns that are set up between individuals. In such situation usually a power differential exists between the individuals as in the case of an employer and an employee, and this is responsible for setting up different attitudes in the mind of the people. The aim of the experiment described here is to study the reactions in individuals to expression of praise and hostility. The main finding is that those who are in power e.g. the employers are not so susceptible to praise as those who are subordinate to them. Also, a superior power person is less disturbed by hostile act of a subordinate than vice versa.
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PrasadK. (2014). Patterns of power communication: an experimental study. Defence Science Journal, 8(3), 305-310.
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