Capped vs Uncapped shot- A Discussion of Tactical Requirements

  • B. N. Mitra Technical Development Establishment (Ammunition), Kirkee
Keywords: Tactical requirements, Manufacturing problems


The success of defeating armour by a conventional armour penetrating shot lies in the delivery of a high kinetic energy on impact with the target. The efficiency achieved is directly linked up with the provision of two types of caps, penetrative and ballistic, in the design of such a shot. The author has shown that whilst a ballistic-capped shot can engage tanks successfully at the top half of the fighting zone, it is not so effective at close quarters. On the contrary, this limited tactical advantage brings in certain design and manufacturing problems which have been discussed in some detail.
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Mitra, B. (2014). Capped vs Uncapped shot- A Discussion of Tactical Requirements. Defence Science Journal, 7(2-3), 47-50.
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