Studies in the ageing of cordites by X-ray diffraction

  • D. B. Parihar Defence Science Laboratory, New Delhi
  • A. K. Chatterji Naval Physical Laboratory, New Delhi
Keywords: X-ray diffraction


The results of X-ray diffraction on the ageing of WM & NA cordites, particular that of nitrocellulose, are reported. The samples studied were: (1) Relative fresh samples (1953) (2) Naturally aged samples (stored for about 10 years), (3) Accelerated ages ones (sample kept at 70degree C for 80 hours), (4) Samples kept at liquid air temperature for 5 hours, and (5) liquid air treated samples subjected to accelerated ageing (70 degree C for 80 hours). Two points are important about nitrocellulose: (1) denitration and (2) formation of microcrystallites. The 'd' value of the inner most arcs in WM and AN cordites considerably decreases on natural ageing. Similar change is observed in accelerated aged sample of WM, which is cooled to liquid air temperature.
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Parihar, D., & Chatterji, A. (2014). Studies in the ageing of cordites by X-ray diffraction. Defence Science Journal, 6(2), 108-116.
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