A Note on Some Results of Friction Between Non-metals

  • H. P. Bhattacharyya Defence Science Laboratory, New Delhi
Keywords: Friction, Metal


Some measurements on the coefficients of static friction of wood, wood on rubber, wood on glass and of rubber on glass are described. In each case the coefficient of friction has been found to be independent of load (above 200 gms) thus suggesting for the friction mechanism to be on the similar lines of that of metals. The results of friction measurements show that the coefficient of friction depends to some extent on the nominal areas projected. For friction with rubber no dependence of coefficients of friction on load was observed. The coefficient of friction for wood sliding on rubber was observed smaller than that of rubber sliding on wood. Explanations for such interesting cases have been put forward.

Author Biography

H. P. Bhattacharyya, Defence Science Laboratory, New Delhi
Defence Science Laboratory, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi
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Bhattacharyya, H. (2014). A Note on Some Results of Friction Between Non-metals. Defence Science Journal, 5(3), 355-358. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.5.7531
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