A Modified Polymer from Polyacrylonitrile

  • Indra Bajaj Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
  • S. R. Chatterjee Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
Keywords: Polymer chain, Crystallinity, X ray study, Thioamide groups


Polyacrylonitrile has been modified by introducing thioamide groups (-CSNH/sub 2/) in place of nitride groups (-CN) in the chain by passing dry H/sub 2/ S gas through a 5% solution of the polymer in N-N dimethylformamide. The modified polymer is soluble in acetone. X-ray study revealed the complete loss of crystallinity in the modified polymer. Infra-red spectrum of the polymer film shows strong absorption bands at 3390 cm/sup 1/, 2273 cm/sup 1/ and 1667 cm/sup 1/ indicating the presence of both thioamide and nitride groups in the polymer chain.
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Bajaj, I., & Chatterjee, S. (2014). A Modified Polymer from Polyacrylonitrile. Defence Science Journal, 19(3), 193-198. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.19.7490
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