Synthesis of p-(Di-n-propylsulphamyl) Benzoic Acid

  • S. K. Shukla Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
  • Govind Rai Chaudhry Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
Keywords: Penicillin, Benemid Probenecid, Chronic Gouty Arthritis


A process for the synthesis of p-carboxybenzene sulphonylchloride by oxidation of toluene-p-sulphonylchloride as well as toluene-p-sulphonic acid has been developed. p-carboxybenzene sulphonylchloride on condensation with di-n-propylamine yield p-(di-n-propylsulphamyl) -benzoic acid, an uricusuric agent employed in chronic gouty arthritis and used as an antiuric adjuvant known in trade as "Benemid, Probenecid".
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Shukla, S., & Chaudhry, G. (2014). Synthesis of p-(Di-n-propylsulphamyl) Benzoic Acid. Defence Science Journal, 18(4), 239-240.
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