Body measurement s in relation to cockpit design

  • P.V. Krishna Iyer Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
  • M. N. Bhattacharyya Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
Keywords: Aeronautical engineering, Physical charactristics, Cockpits, Cockpit design


The paper deals with the major conclusions arising from the statistical analysis of 22 body Measurements of 691 airmen. Besides the upper and lower 95 per rent confidence limits for these characters, the regression equations for (i) body a-eight on the measurement of abdomen, shoulder, elbow, seat maximum below hips and total height and (ii ) total height on knee height and thigh height, have also been given.
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Iyer, P., & Bhattacharyya, M. (2014). Body measurement s in relation to cockpit design. Defence Science Journal, 16(1), 51-56.
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