On the form function and properties of bitubular powders

  • L. S. Kothari Rajasthan College, Jaipur
Keywords: Bitubular, Combustion


In part A of the present paper the form functions for a bitubular charge i.e., a twin perforated cylindrical grain has been dried for both the phases of combustion and its general properties have been discussed. In part B the charge has been modified by cutting out in the very beginning, the silvers remaining at the end of first phase of combustion and the surface inhibited from burning, thus eliminating the complicated second stage of burning. The form function for such a modified bitubular charge also has been obtained and its properties have been discussed.

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L. S. Kothari, Rajasthan College, Jaipur
Department of Mathematics Rajasthan College, Jaipur
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Kothari, L. (2014). On the form function and properties of bitubular powders. Defence Science Journal, 13(2), 179-198. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.13.7091
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