Noise production by marine life

  • N. V. Narayan Pillai Indian Naval Physical Laboratory, Cochin
Keywords: Noise, Marine life, Marine organisms, Submarine


It has been known for more than 2000 years that various kinds of fishes are capable of producing sound. Aristotle, Pliny, Pherecrates and the Greek Authology all contain reference to the sounds of fishes. The matter of fish sound production received relatively little attention until the time of Second World War. It was found that in the working of instruments such as ASDIC and SONAR the results were often vitiated by inference due to noise made by submarine life. In order to distinguish the submarine sound from noises made by marine organisms a great deal of work has been done and is still in progress in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan. In India so far no work has been attempted along these lines.
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