Fin Field Effect Transistors Performance in Analog and RF for High-k Dielectrics

  • D. Nirmal Karunya University, Coimbatore
  • P. Vijaya Kumar Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore
Keywords: CMOS, FinFET, Nanoscale


The high-k is needed to replace SiO2 as the gate dielectric to reduce the gate leakage current. The impact of a high-k gate dielectric on the device short channel performance and scalability of nanoscale double gate Fin Field Effect Transistors (FinFET) CMOS is examined by 2-D device simulations. DG FinFETs are designed with high-k at the high performance node of the 2008 Semiconductor Industry Association International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS). DG FinFET CMOS can be optimally designed to yield outstanding performance with good trade-offs between speed and power consumption as the gate length is scaled to < 10 nm. Using technology computer aided design (TCAD) tools a 2-D FinFET device is created and the simulations are performed on it. The optimum value of threshold voltage is identified as VT=0.653V with e=23(ZrO2) for the 2-D device structure. For the 2-D device structure, the leakage current has been reduced to 9.47´10-14 A. High-k improves the Ion/Ioff ratio of transistors for future high-speed logic applications and also improves the storage capability.

Defence Science Journal, 2011, 61(3), pp.235-240, DOI:

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NirmalD., & KumarP. (2011). Fin Field Effect Transistors Performance in Analog and RF for High-k Dielectrics. Defence Science Journal, 61(3), 235-240.
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