The efficacy of dieldrin against wool destroying insect

  • P. K. Ayappa Defence Research Laboratory (store), kanpur
  • P. S. Cheema Defence Research Laboratory (store), kanpur
  • C. F. Paul Defence Research Laboratory (store), kanpur
  • S. L. Perti Defence Research Laboratory (store), kanpur
  • S. K. Ranganathan Defence Research Laboratory (store), kanpur
Keywords: Insect, Dieldrin, Wool


The efficacy of dieldrin as a protection against the wool destroying insects. Anthrenus flavipes Lec. (wooly bear) and Tinea pellionella Linn. (case bearing clothes moth) has been investigated. In very low concentrations (0.02-0.05percent on the weight of fabric), the insecticides offers adequate protection against both the insects. the effectiveness of treatment is not impaired by laundering (12 times) or dry-cleaning (12 times). The resistance to laundering and dry-cleaning is not, however, as satisfactory when the insecticide is applied from solution. The economics of utilization of dieldrin as a protectant against the wool destroying insects has been discussed in relation to DDT, and it is shown that the former insecticide is much less expensive.
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Ayappa, P., Cheema, P., Paul, C., Perti, S., & Ranganathan, S. (2014). The efficacy of dieldrin against wool destroying insect. Defence Science Journal, 11(2), 83-91.
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