The Steady Motion Of A Sphere In A Dusty Gas

  • P. Sambasiva. Rao Arts & Science College, Hyderabad
Keywords: Uniform motion, Gas flow, Sphere


The paper considers the effect on the dusty gas otherwise at rest at infinity due to uniform motion of a sphere. The dust particles are assumed to have relaxation time. Using the potential solution of gas flow at large Reynold number R, an equation for the concentration of dust neat the sphere is derived and solved numerically. It is also shown that particles do not collide with the sphere until the stokes number neta is greater than 1/12 if we assume the gas flow unchanged by the presence of the dust particles.
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Rao, P. (2014). The Steady Motion Of A Sphere In A Dusty Gas. Defence Science Journal, 23(3), 109-114.
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