Serum Electrolytes Under Different Ambient Temperatures

  • S.K Basu Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Science, Delhi
  • D.P. Sadhu Bengal Veterinary College , Calcutta
Keywords: Packed Cell Volume, Serum


Male albino rate of average body weight 110-120 gm were used in the experiment. Control group of rates were maintained at room temperature(27Degree-28degree C) and the experimental groups were exposed to high ambient temperatures (40Degree,42degree and 44 degree C) for different durations of time. Na+,K+, and Cl-concentrations in serum and the packed cell volume (PCV) percentage was determined in each case. It was found that the concentration of serum Na+ and Cl-in creased markedly with high ambient temperature and increased duration of exposure. Serum K+ concentration increased slightly and the PCV percentage showed marked increase in the heat treated groups.
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Basu, S., & Sadhu, D. (2014). Serum Electrolytes Under Different Ambient Temperatures. Defence Science Journal, 28(1), 37-40.
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