Bending of Allotropic Blocks 1

  • S. Ram. Rao Science College Saifabad, Hyderabad
  • G. Lakshminarayana Nagarjunasagar Engineering College, Hyderabad
Keywords: Aelotropic cuboid, Spherical shell


Recently, Green & Adkins examined finite flexure of an aelotropic cuboid and indicated the conditions under which the problem may be regarded as solved. In this paper, the problem of bending of an aelotropic circular block into an ellipsoidal shell has been examined on the lines of Green & Adkins and a solution has been obtained in terms of a completely general energy function for both compressible and incompressible materials. The problem of bending of a circular block into a spherical shell has been obtained as a particular case.
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Rao, S., & Lakshminarayana, G. (2014). Bending of Allotropic Blocks 1. Defence Science Journal, 23(1), 11-18.
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