Geometry of Streamlines in Fluid Flow Theory

  • P. Samba Shiva Rao Osmania University, Hyderabad
Keywords: Intrinsic properties, Anholonomic, Lamb Surface, Screw Motion


Intrinsic properties of lines of flow has been studied by employing anholonomic co ordinate system consisting of s-lines which are streamlines, n-lines the involutes of s-lines and b- lines the locus of centre of spherical curvature of s-lines. This gives rise to only two geometric parameters and interesting have been obtained. It was also shown that velocity can be expressed in terms of geometric parameters. Constancy of velocity along binormal line implies existence of Lump surface for the motion. It is found is not irrotational unless it is plane motion. In generalised screw motion it is found that wn/v=constant along the stream line.
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Rao, P. S. S. (2014). Geometry of Streamlines in Fluid Flow Theory. Defence Science Journal, 28(4), 175-178.
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