Hormonal Changes Under Altitude Stress

  • H.D Brahmachari Defence Research & Development Establishment, Gwalior
  • Santa Joseph Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • K. Ramchandran Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Bciences, Delhi Cantt.
  • U. Radhakrishnan Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Bciences, Delhi Cantt.
Keywords: Changes in blood cortisol, Urinary testosterone, ADH


The separate effects of exposure for six hours to cold (8 degree Celsius), hypoxia (4267 m.) and simulated altitude (8 degree Celsius at 4267 m.)have been studied on ten human subjects in a decompression chamber, with respect to the changes in blood cortisol, ADH and urinary catecholamines. Changes in blood cortisol, PBI, ADH urinary excretion of 17-keto steroids and urine volume have been recorded on another ten subjects on acute exposure to high altitude (3505 m.). Changes in the same parameters alongwith urinary testosterone level, have been recorded on another 20 subjects on prolonged exposure for two years to high altitude (3505 m.). The results have been discussed.
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Brahmachari, H., Joseph, S., Ramchandran, K., & Radhakrishnan, U. (2014). Hormonal Changes Under Altitude Stress. Defence Science Journal, 27(2), 99-104. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.27.6667
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