A Note on Electron Mobilities of 3-5 Semiconductors

  • K.N. Saxena Holkar Science College, Indore
  • V.W. Wagh Government Science College, Gwalior
Keywords: Intermetallic semiconductors, Atomic Spin orbit splittings, Empirical relation


Atomic spin-orbit splittings of the bonded atoms have been used to calculate electron mobilities of the intermetallic semiconductors. The proposed empirical relation for gallium and indium compounds give results in good agreement with experimental values.
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Saxena, K., & Wagh, V. (2014). A Note on Electron Mobilities of 3-5 Semiconductors. Defence Science Journal, 27(2), 89-90. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.27.6664
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