Susceptibility of Indian Leather for Fungal Attack

  • K.D Sharma Agra College, Agra
  • O.P. Sharma Agra College, Agra
Keywords: Degradation of leather, Chrome tanned split leather


Fungi play an important role in the degradation of leather and service leather goods. In the present study 20 types of Indian tanned leathers have been tested for their resistance/susceptibility against mycobial attack. 9 common species i.e. Aspergillus niger, A. flavus, A. fumiqatus, A. nidulans, A. terreus, A. sulphureus, Penicillium cyaneum, Paecilomyces varioti and Mucor sp. were isolated from various types of leather samples. E. I. tanned (goats & cows) and pure vegetable upper leathers were found highly susceptible and supported very good fungal growth. Vegetable chrome, full chrome B, and blue chrome tanned (buffalo) were relatively resistant and chrome tanned split (cows) leather was found most resistant.
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Sharma, K., & Sharma, O. (2014). Susceptibility of Indian Leather for Fungal Attack. Defence Science Journal, 27(2), 81-82.
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