Report of some Fungi From of the Condiments of Daily Use in Storage

  • C. B. Lal K. N. Government College, Gyanpur, Varanasi
  • B.B.S. Raizada K. N. Government College, Gyanpur, Varanasi
Keywords: Pathogens, Fungi, Condiments


The isolation of fungi associated with the condiments of daily storage has been done. Fourteen species of fungi viz; Circinella mucoroides, C. muscae, Aspergillus candidus, A. nidulans, A. niger, A. niveus, Aspergillus species, Penicillium Frequentans, Alternaria humicola, Curvalaria tetramera, Monilia geophila, Fusarium species and Rhizoctonia species have been isolated from five important condiments Coriandrum sativum L.(Dhania), Cuminum eyminum L(Jeera), Curcuma longa L(Haldi), Foeniculum vulgare Miller (Saunf) and Trigonella foenum graecum L.(Menthi) in storage have been isolated Penicillium frequentans and Curvularia tetramera could be isolated from only one source Coriandrum sativum and Trigonella foenumgraecum respectively. Circinella mucoroides and C. muscae are the first record from these sources in our country. Monilia geophila and Rhizoctonia species too have been reported for the first time from curcuma longa and Trigonella foenumgraecum respectively. It may be added that the fungi found in association with the condiments may be pathogenic to the plants but if the condiments are thoroughly dried, exposed to bright sunlight and and cleaned before utilization, they can be rendered safe for human consumption.
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Lal, C., & Raizada, B. (2014). Report of some Fungi From of the Condiments of Daily Use in Storage. Defence Science Journal, 25(4), 159-161.
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