Chemistry of Metal Dinitroanthranilates Part I

  • S. P. Gupta D. N. College, Meerut
  • R. K. Kakkar D. N. College, Meerut
Keywords: Stoichiometry, Dinitroanthranilates


Copper and silver dinitroanthranilates have been prepared and the stoichiometry of the complexes have been determined by micro analysis, conductometric and potentiometric studies. The IR studies show the presence of -H/Sub2N M bond, where M is silver or copper. Various explosive properties such as explosion delay, explosion temperature and activation energy, explosion pressure, impact sensitivity, friction sensitivity and ballistic mortar power of the these dinitronthranilates have also been studied.
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Gupta, S., & Kakkar, R. (2014). Chemistry of Metal Dinitroanthranilates Part I. Defence Science Journal, 25(3), 101-106.
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