Diesel Fuel (High Pour Point) For Defence

  • K. C. Mehta Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
  • A. N. Nandy Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
Keywords: High power, fuel grade


The papar reviews the studies carried out on diesel fuels produced in Indian refineries and their compatibility with Hycatrol rubber tanks fitted on some 'A' type vehicles. It gives the genesia of latest Defence specifiation for Diesel fuel High Pour Point for use in A type vehicles fitted with rubberised tanks. Further improvements required in the Defence specification are also discussed.
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Mehta, K., & Nandy, A. (2014). Diesel Fuel (High Pour Point) For Defence. Defence Science Journal, 25(2), 77-83. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.25.6597
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