Photo -Dielectric Investigation of p- Gallium Arsenide

  • V. K. Farkya University of Indore, Indore
  • T. K. Bandopadhyaya G.S. Institute of Technology and Science, Indore
Keywords: Photo excitation, Dielectric constant


The complex dielectric constant of gallium arsenide sample was studied in the frequency range 0.3 to 30 MHz, subjected to photo-excitation. The model proposed by Dutt and Nicholls for after glow plasma seems to be in agreement with the experimental results. The relaxation time and damping have been estimated.

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V. K. Farkya, University of Indore, Indore
Holkar Science College, University of Indore, Indore
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Farkya, V., & Bandopadhyaya, T. (2014). Photo -Dielectric Investigation of p- Gallium Arsenide. Defence Science Journal, 24(4), 145-146.
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