The Stability of Dissipative Couette Flow in Hydromagnetics

  • Jai Pal University of Jodhpur, Jodhpur
  • K. M. Srivastava Institute of Plasma Physics, Julich, W. Germay
Keywords: Axial volume, Magnetic field parallel, Taylor number


The stability of dissipative Couette flow in the presence of an axial volume current superposed by an axial uniform magnetic field parallel to the axis of the rotating column has been studied. The critical Taylor number for certain wave numbers have been obtained. It is found that the critical Taylor numbers at which the instability sets-in are increased.
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Pal, J., & Srivastava, K. (2014). The Stability of Dissipative Couette Flow in Hydromagnetics. Defence Science Journal, 24(4), 125-134.
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