On Radiative Boundary Shock Waves

  • B. Prasad D.A.V. Post Graduate College, Azamgarh
  • R. P. Rai M.M.T.D. College, Ballia
Keywords: Radiative gas, Transition region


In this paper, we have postulated in a radiative gas, the occurrence of a boundary shock wave, considered as a quick transition region in which the viscous effects are compressible and are confined to a thin layer adjacent to a surface. The generalised, Rankine Hugoniot jump relations, prandtl relation and the other properties of a shock wave are derived and a discussion about the existence of a boundary shock wave is made.

Author Biographies

B. Prasad, D.A.V. Post Graduate College, Azamgarh
D.A.V. Post Graduate College, Azamgarh
R. P. Rai, M.M.T.D. College, Ballia
M.M.T.D. College, Ballia
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Prasad, B., & Rai, R. (2014). On Radiative Boundary Shock Waves. Defence Science Journal, 28(2), 67-72. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.28.6536
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