Thermal Battery As A Power Sources In Guided Missiles

  • S. S. Singh Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
  • D. P. Sachan Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
Keywords: Eutectic salt, Electronegativity, Electrode potentials


The battery based on low melting eutectic salt mixture electrolyte is thermally activated by raising the temperature of the electrolyte to its melting point. The battery is capable of discharging at very high rates for short duration. The battery employs a combination of elements with low electronegativity and capable of giving higher electrode potentials such as Ca or Mg as anode, a wide variety of eutectic salt electrolytes and various oxides, sulphates, silicates, phosphates, chromates as cathode depolarizers. Only those thermally activated systems which find application as potential power sources in guided missiles are reviewed.
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Singh, S., & Sachan, D. (2014). Thermal Battery As A Power Sources In Guided Missiles. Defence Science Journal, 23(4), 163-174.
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