Combined Laminar And Turbulent Flow Over Rotating Cones

  • V.N.D. Murthy Regional Engineering College, Durgapur
Keywords: Fluid, Turbulent fluid, Cones


An analysis has been carried out for the combined laminar and turbulent flow over rotating cones in an otherwise undisturbed fluid. The momentum integral equations in meridianal and circumferential directions, which govern the turbulent fluid flow over a rotating cone, have been solved in their dimensionless forms. A continuous eddy diffusivity of momentum, suggested by Van Driest, has been adopted to obtain the velocity components. Taking the central laminar core into account, friction moment coefficients are calculated as functions of cone Reynolds number Re/sub 0/. The theoretical are compared with other theories and the available experimental data.
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Murthy, V. (2014). Combined Laminar And Turbulent Flow Over Rotating Cones. Defence Science Journal, 23(3), 91-100.
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