Potential Variation of Discharge Pulses in Air at Low Pressures

  • S. G. Pimpale
Keywords: Boundary layer, Electrode layer, Current ratio


A decrease and/or increase of the discharge current ratio (5i/50i), the ratio of the discharge current for 5 volts discriminator bias to that for 50 volts discriminator bias, under irradiation is studied in air filled ozonizers excited by a.c. potentials kV of 50 cycles. sec./sup 1/ frequency. Results are in accord with Joshi's theory which consider that external light emits photo-electrons from an adsorption like electrode layer formed with ions and molecules of the gas on the glass wall of the discharge tube. These photo-electrons are captured by excited atoms to form also moving negative ions and bearing about the decrease in 5i/sub L/sup 50i/sup L/ as a space charge effect. The positive effect,+ delta (5i/50i), is also explained by the electronic work function at the boundary layer.
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Pimpale, S. (2014). Potential Variation of Discharge Pulses in Air at Low Pressures. Defence Science Journal, 22(4), 213-214. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.22.6409
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