Neutron Radiography

  • A. R. Reddy Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • M.V.N. Rao Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
Keywords: Neutron radiography, Isotopic neutron


The field of neutron radiography with special reference to isotopic neutron radiography has been reviewed. Different components viz., sources, collimators, imaging systems are described. Various designs of neutron radiography facilities, their relative merits and demerits , the appropriateness of each design depending on the object to be radiographed, and economics of each technique are also dealt. The applications of neutron radiography are also briefly presented.

Author Biographies

A. R. Reddy, Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur-342-001
M.V.N. Rao, Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
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Reddy, A., & Rao, M. (2014). Neutron Radiography. Defence Science Journal, 32(3), 259-273.
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