Vortexline Geometry of Pseudostationary Gas Flows

  • D. N. Murthy Nagarjunasagar Engineering College, Hyderabad
Keywords: Geometric parameters, Pseudostationary vortexline, Gas flow


The various kinetic and kinematic properties of inviscid unsteady gas flow, considering the geometric properties of a pseudostationary vortexline. Analytic expression for vorticity is obtained in terms of the components of the velocity. The compatibility conditions governing the flow are transformed form which form the feature of this investigation. Finally an attempt is made to study the complex-lamellar flows in geometric parameters of a pseudostationary vortexline.
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Murthy, D. (2014). Vortexline Geometry of Pseudostationary Gas Flows. Defence Science Journal, 22(1), 39-42. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.22.6306
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