Infrared Studies on the Jet Exhaust of a Turbojet Aircraft

  • A. K. Ray Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
  • M. R. Katti Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
Keywords: Aircraft, Turbojet, Infrared, Conical


In an attempt to evaluate the effective Infrared radiant energy from a conical jet exhaust of a jet aircraft, infrared emission characteristics have been worked out with special reference to guidance and decoy purpose.Suitable infrared absorbing materials used for shielding the infrared emitting skin of the radiating part have also been discussed.attempts have also been made to evaluate the effective radiation on a detecting system after allowing for allowing for the solar radiant heat and also atmospheric absorption.
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Ray, A., & Katti, M. (2014). Infrared Studies on the Jet Exhaust of a Turbojet Aircraft. Defence Science Journal, 21(4), 273-282.
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