Magnetohydrodynamic Flow Between Concentric Rotating Porous Cylinders

  • S. N. Dube Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
Keywords: Circumferential Velocity, Bernoulli Type Pressure, Hyperbolic Radial Velocity, Porous Cylinders


An attempt has been made to study the steady laminar flow of a incompressible electrically conducting fluid between infinitely long concentric rotating porous cylinders under the influence of radial magnetic field. A solution has been obtained under the assumption of uniform conditions along the axis of the cylinders. The cylinders being porous, a hyperbolic radial velocity distribution has been superimposed over the circumferential velocity produced due to rotation. There is a Bernoulli type pressure variation in the radial in the direction. When the inner cylinder is at rest the shearing stress at it and the torque transmitted to it decrease as R (=v/Sub/1y/Sub1/v= v/Sub2y/Sub2/v) increases and the magnetic parameter lambda (=4sigma mue/sube/sup2A/Sup2/Mue) will further decrease them.
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Dube, S. (2014). Magnetohydrodynamic Flow Between Concentric Rotating Porous Cylinders. Defence Science Journal, 21(4), 253-256.
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