Anodic Oxidation of Silicon

  • B. S. Murthy Solid State Physics Laboratory, Delhi
  • K. R. Wadhera Solid State Physics Laboratory, Delhi
  • P.R.S. Rao Solid State Physics Laboratory, Delhi
Keywords: Layers, Thermal Oxidation, Silicon Dioxide


The set up used to grow silicon dioxide anodically on silicon surface has been described and the results obtained are discussed. Such layers have been used in obtaining information about diffused layers, getting planar structures and reducing the thickness of slices by known amounts. The method has certain advantages over techniques like thermal oxidation, sputtering etc. which are dealt in the paper.
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Murthy, B., Wadhera, K., & Rao, P. (2014). Anodic Oxidation of Silicon. Defence Science Journal, 21(2), 131-140.
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