Two Dimensional Boundary Layer Growth with Suction

  • Krishna Lal Banaras Hindu University, Banaras
Keywords: Oscillatory motion, Constant suction velocity, Fluid flow, Boundary layer equations


The boundary layer equations for the unsteady fluid flow with constant suction velocity have been worked out for the impulsive motion of a circular cylinder in the form V(t)=A exp (Ct) where A and C are certain constants. The stream function has been expanded in terms of some functions X/sub 0/(s) where s is a function of y coordinate. The phase angles for various terms have been calculated, and variations shown graphically for large and small frequency of oscillations, where the oscillatory motion is obtained on replacing C by iw.
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Lal, K. (2014). Two Dimensional Boundary Layer Growth with Suction. Defence Science Journal, 20(3), 155-162.
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