Ophthalmic Problems at High Altitude

  • M. S. Boparai Army Hospital, Delhi Cantt
  • R. C. Sharma Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
Keywords: Cardio-pulmonary, Retinal Haemorrhages


Cardio-pulmonary and physical endurance aspects of high altitude problems have been studied well but not much attention has been paid to the ocular aspects of the problems. 250 cases inducted to a high altitude area in the northern region were examined for ocular parameters within a week of induction and at varying intervals thereafter. Blurred vision was complained of by a number of cases who also suffered from other symptoms of transient mountain sickness. A group of cases who developed acute pulmonary oedema showed fundus changes by way of venous engorgement, papilloedema and superficial retinal haemorrhages. These changes reversed over a period of time as the acute condition subsided. Another group remained asymptomatic but their fundii showed neovascularisation and exudation in addition to retinal haemorrhages.The aetiopathogenesis of these two kinds of changes and other changes is discussed.

Author Biographies

M. S. Boparai, Army Hospital, Delhi Cantt
Army Hospital, Delhi Cantt
R. C. Sharma, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
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Boparai, M., & Sharma, R. (2014). Ophthalmic Problems at High Altitude. Defence Science Journal, 34(4), 355-359. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.34.6082
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