Corrosion Failures in Marine Environment

  • R. Krishnan Naval Chemical & Metallurgical Laboratory, Bombay
Keywords: Stress corrosion cracking, Cavitation, Dealloying, Bimetallic corrosion, Pitting


This paper gives a brief description of typical marine environments and the most common form of corrosion of materials used in this environment. Some typical case histories of failures pertaining to pitting, bimetallic corrosion, dealloying, cavitation and stress corrosion cracking are illustrated as typical examples of corrosion failures.

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R. Krishnan, Naval Chemical & Metallurgical Laboratory, Bombay
Naval Chemical & Metallurgical Laboratory, Bombay-403 023
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Krishnan, R. (2014). Corrosion Failures in Marine Environment. Defence Science Journal, 35(2), 235-241.
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