Artificial Intelligence-The Emerging Technology

  • R. P. Shenoy Electronics & Radar Development Establishment, Bangalore
Keywords: Multiradar Air Defence Network, Target Classification, Computer Vision Systems, Expert Systems, Combat automation


Artificial Intelligence (AI), once considered as an obscure branch of computer science, is now having a growing number of adherents in a wide variety of fields. AI is particularly useful for combat automation in defence. The combined works of computer scientists and technologists and cognitive scientists have brought out for intelligent information processing knowledge is the key factor. In the last few years, AI has been tried out with a high degree of success in certain areas such as the Expert Systems and the Computer Vision Systems. Both these have great potential in target classification and identification, information fusion, multiradar Air Defence Network, C2 (Command andControl) operations etc. in defence.

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R. P. Shenoy, Electronics & Radar Development Establishment, Bangalore
Electronics & Radar Development Establishment, Bangalore-560001
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