Computer Modelling of a Tank Battle with Helicopter Support

  • Chatter Singh Institute for Systems Studies & Analyses, Delhi
Keywords: Armed helicopter unit, Helicopter unit, Dynamic nature, Stochastic


The paper attempts to model a tank versus tank battle scenario in which the defender is provided an armed helicopter unit support, against surprise advance of the attacker towards an important place. The stochastic and dynamic nature of the battle system has been handled by means of Monte Carlo simulation. In that activities like move, search, fire, hit and kill are simulated and their effects generated in the model. The game has been repeated for parameters relating to (i) fire power (ii) mobility (iii) intervisibility (iv) blind shooting (v) defender/attacker force ratio and (vi) helicopter unit support with the defender. Then, average numerical effects in each case have been analysed.

Although the results are based on tentative data, the. trend seems to suggest that a battalion of Centurion tanks or 2 coys with a helicopter unit support stand fairly good chance to defeat the attack by M-47/48 tanks equivalent to 4 coys. Neyertheless, the methodology provides an effective basis to systematically approach realistic situations and quantitatively assess weapon systems effectiveness under tactical alternatives and battle field environments.

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Chatter Singh, Institute for Systems Studies & Analyses, Delhi
Institute for Systems Studies & Analyses, Delhi-110 054
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Singh, C. (2014). Computer Modelling of a Tank Battle with Helicopter Support. Defence Science Journal, 36(1), 35-44.
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