Software for Bus Monitor

  • T.V. Rama Murthy National Aeronautical Laboratory, Bangalore
  • Sanath Kumar Varambally Karnataka Regional Engineering College, Srinivasnagar
Keywords: MIL STD 1553B, Message traffic, ASM 86, SOBUM


Software for Bus Monitor (SOBUM) is a package developed for MIL-STD-1553B based on Intel's Microprocessor Development System (MDS). SOBUM, consisting of modules in ASM 86 and PASCAL 86 when used with proper hardware interface can transfer the bus messages to the RAM in real time. SOBUM is then used in the off-line analysis of the message traffic on the bus. It displays or prints the data gathered in very, useful and interpretive formats.

Author Biographies

T.V. Rama Murthy, National Aeronautical Laboratory, Bangalore
National Aeronautical Laboratory, Bangalore-560 01 7
Sanath Kumar Varambally, Karnataka Regional Engineering College, Srinivasnagar
Karnataka Regional Engineering College, Srinivasnagar-574 157
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Murthy, T., & Varambally, S. (2014). Software for Bus Monitor. Defence Science Journal, 37(3), 297-304.
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