UV Laser Fluorosensor for Remote Sensing

  • V. N. Saxena Institute of Armament Technology, Pune
Keywords: UV Laser fluorosensor, Remote sensing, Fluorosensor


Several substances both organic and inorganic, when excited by alow wavelength radiation, fluoresce; the fluorescence in the longer wavelength region is generally characteristic of the substances so irradiated and to some extent of the wavelength of the exciting radiation. Thus, the spectral analysis of this fluorescence can be used to detect, monitor and even quantify the presence of matter on which the exciting radiations impinge. The rate of decay of the fluorescence alongwith a spectral and temporal return signals, such as from oil spills, have been described in this paper as also the functioning of an airborne laser fluorosensor using a 1 MW pulsed nitiogcn laser.

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V. N. Saxena, Institute of Armament Technology, Pune
Institute of Armament Technology, Pune-411 025
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Saxena, V. (2014). UV Laser Fluorosensor for Remote Sensing. Defence Science Journal, 38(3), 315-320. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.38.5853
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