The Evolution of AUSM Schemes

  • Meng-Sing Liou NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland
Keywords: Computational fluid dynamics methods, hyperbolic systems, advection upstream splitting method, conservation laws, upwinding, CFD


This paper focuses on the evolution of advection upstream splitting method (AUSM) schemes. The main ingredients that have led to the development of modern computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods have been reviewed, thus the ideas behind AUSM. First and foremost is the concept of upwinding. Second, the use of Riemann problem in constructing the numerical flux in the finite-volume setting. Third, the necessity of including all physical processes, as characterised by the linear (convection) and nonlinear (acoustic) fields. Fourth, the realisation of separating the flux into convection and pressure fluxes. The rest of this review briefly outlines the technical evolution of AUSM and more details can be found in the cited references.

Defence Science Journal, 2010, 60(6), pp.606-613, DOI:

Author Biography

Meng-Sing Liou, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland

Dr Meng-Sing Liou is a Senior Technologist of GRC, for Airbreathing Propulsion Computational Analysis. He has more than 30 years experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics, contributing in the development of numerical methods and supporting NASA's aeronautics programme since joining NASA in 1986. His AUSM schemes have been adopted in major commercial and research codes, and included in textbooks and CFD courses worldwide. Currently, he is leading the Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimisatio Research in the Aeropropulsion Division to support Fundamental Aeronautics Programme. He was Chief of Computational Fluid Dynamics. He was awarded NASA's Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal (1992) and Exceptional Achievement Medal (2004), and the Abe Silverstein Medal (2006). He has published over 200 technical papers, and 8 book chapters. He is an Adjunct Professor of University of California, Santa Barbara and Case Western Reserve University.

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