A Computational Teddqae for Heat W a r h e to a Fast Movhg Hl(lf 80urce

  • K. V. Rama Rao Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad-500 258
  • J. A. Sekhar Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad-500 258
Keywords: Spheroidal co ordinate system, Heat Transfer


The heat transfer in the two phase region in the study of melting and solidification of a surface layer by a moving heat source is studied.The transient problem is formulated using the enthalpy and temperature model and solved in an oblate spheroidal co-ordinate system using animplicit modified upwinding scheme in terms of non-dimensional nodal enthalpy and temperature. It is observed that the temperature gradient which controls the solidification rate, increases to a maximum initiallyand then decreases to zero. It is found that the solid-liquid interface velocity which is zero initially very quickly reaches to the velocity ofthe heat source, though the gradient ahead of the interface relaxes much more slowly.


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