Avenues for Underwater Propulsion

  • C.P. Ramanarayanan Naval Science & Technological Laboratory, Visakhapatnam.
Keywords: Thermal propulsion systems, Stored chemical energy propulsion system


This study reviews thermal propulsion systems related to underwater application, covering the conceptual idea, the technology and the mechanism. Some of the salient features of the stored chemical energy propulsion system (SCEPS) technology and the unconventional engines are discussed. While these systems have generated considerable interest in the west, they are still new in India.

Author Biography

C.P. Ramanarayanan, Naval Science & Technological Laboratory, Visakhapatnam.
Mr CP Ramanarayanan is a Scientist at NSTL, Visakhapatnam. He completed his BE (Mechanical ) from REC, Calicut and ME from IISc , Bangalore , Currently, he is working in the area of propulsion for under water vehicles .
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Ramanarayanan, C. (2013). Avenues for Underwater Propulsion. Defence Science Journal, 42(3), 205-208. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.42.4383
Applied Physics & Fluid Dynamics