Computers in Defence: An Assessment

  • R.K. Bagga Defence Research & Development Laboratory, Hyderabad.
Keywords: Weapons system, Warfare, Patriot missile, Stealth fighters


Computer technology has revolutionised weapons system and hardware during the last decade 'miracle chip' has had impact in all areas of battlefield. The recent Gulf War has amply demonstrated the important role of computer technology in warfare. The best of the high technology was used during the 45 days of air battle followed by 100 hours of ground offensive. Computer and communication formed the heart of every weapon system from Tomahawk, SLAM, Scud, Patriot missile to night vision of tanks and Stealth fighters. This paper discuss the salient features of computer technology used by the US for this truly hi-tech war. the hi-tech weapon systems using computers for achieving surgical precision have been highlighted. The Indian scenario and the important lessons learnt by the use of high technology, primarily based on computers for future wars, have been presented for their applicability in the Indian context.

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R.K. Bagga, Defence Research & Development Laboratory, Hyderabad.
Defence Research & Development Laboratory, Hyderabad.
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Bagga, R. (2013). Computers in Defence: An Assessment. Defence Science Journal, 43(2), 103-110.
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